Centralized content management, simplified.

sheet.codes is a WordPress plugin that allows you to manage content for your website directly from Google Sheets.

Keep your content fresh and flexible.

Data-driven content is time consuming to maintain. With sheet.codes, you can keep your content fresh by simply updating your underlying dataset in a single spreadsheet.


Why use sheet.codes?

Spreadsheets offer an easier solution for managing similar content that constantly changes across hundreds or thousands of pages.


The power of Sheets

Centralized content management

Custom formulas

Google Apps Script

Automatic updates every hour


Lots of use cases

Affiliate marketers

Data-driven publishers

Compliance teams

Site managers with strict CMS access governance


Service & support

Full documentation

Actionable examples

Responsive email support

30-day money back guarantee

Ready to get started?

It's easy. Download the sheet.codes plugin, set up your spreadsheet, and place simple shortcodes to display your content.