demo: affiliate content

For affiliate site managers, keeping track of constantly changing products and offers takes up a lot of time and energy. This plugin is designed to help you get that time back so you can worry less about compliance and offer updates and more about growing traffic and revenue.

Let’s use the credit cards niche as an example (sample spreadsheet).

The credit cards niche is highly competitive and compliance is everything. Credit card issuers are very strict about wording around their credit cards and they change their minds all the time about the names for their cards and legal marks next to them. Offers also update very frequently and if you have a single mention of an outdated offer, that could mean thousands of dollars in lost commissions.

So, if you have a site in the credit cards niche that is a few hundred or thousands of pages, you have to spend a lot of time auditing and updating offers.

You likely have the same credit card (and all the information about it) featured on:

  • “Best of” roundups
  • Card reviews
  • Card comparisons
  • Educational content
  • Widgets and other site CTAs

With 200+ credit card offers actively being marketed in the affiliate space, the number of pages with information about the same cards adds up quickly.

I led SEO for a bunch of sites in the credit cards niche for a couple of years and there was a 10+ person compliance team that was spending every hour or every day just auditing pages for non-compliant offer language. That is a ton of hours dedicated to a non-incremental risk prevention function.

The plugin gives you a central place to manage those product and offer details so you can solve for:

  • Accuracy
  • Consistency
  • Speed

If a credit card issuer changes the APR for one of their credit cards (happens constantly), all you have to do is update a single cell in your Google Sheets spreadsheet and that new value pushes out to all the places where you placed a shortcode.

So, if you have the regular APR for a credit card placed on 50 pages, that turns from this simple shortcode in your WordPress editor:

Into this on your site, with a single spreadsheet cell update:

The annual fee of the Capital One Quicksilver Cash Rewards Credit Card is 15.49% - 25.49% (Variable).

And the examples don’t start and end with credit cards. The constant updating of product information and offers happens in tons of niches. Personal finance, home services (internet, OTT TV, energy, security, etc.), business services, big ticket consumer product goods, and many others.

Have more creative applications of for managing affiliate content? Let me know.