How to set up your spreadsheet

Setting up your Google Sheet to work with this plugin is pretty simple.

If you already have a dataset that you would like to use, paste it into a new Google Sheets spreadsheet.

You can also make a copy of this Google Sheets template if you would like and replace the dummy data with your own data.

Just keep a couple of things in mind when setting up your spreadsheet:

  • Spreadsheet data should not be re-sorted since your plugin shortcode looks up the row number. We are working on a feature to prevent this limitation.
  • The first row of the spreadsheet will be your column headers and the value that you will enter into the column attribute of your shortcodes.

Once you have set up your Google Sheets spreadsheet, get a link to the spreadsheet to start using it with the plugin.

You can add more rows and columns to your Google Sheets spreadsheet and the plugin will recognize them without having to get a new spreadsheet link.

For more spreadsheet examples, head over to the blog.

Ready to get started?

It's easy. Download the plugin, set up your spreadsheet, and place simple shortcodes to display your content.